vendredi 7 mai 2010

Welcom/Weforum and Yoctocosmos

What is Welcom/Weforum and Yoctocosmos?

Welcom/Weforum is a swiss platform Social Network for the Forum of Davos's members
The Official Monaco Platforme Social Network, complement platform for the Forum of Davos.

What is the goal of these platform?

Do you know LinkedIn, eCademy, Plaxo, Viadeo, Xing, aSmallworld, Welcom/Weforum... it's the same common goal, all in one but the high quality of networkers is andated and the priority on Yoctocosmos.

Welcom/Weforum's plus-values in comparison with all others networks?

In resume, The Forum of Davos ethic is Puissance, Power, Money
Essentially a platform only to blog, including International Event meeting and Discussion Forum. A lot of are
- Billionnaires Economists Leaders but you find personalities like
- Politicians Heads of States,
- Several (rare) from the Show-biz, several rare freelancers too,
- Active Reigning Royal/Imperial Monachs and Sovereigns
- Purely authentics members

Yoctocosmos's plus-values in comparison with all others networks?

Yoctocosmos ethic is Synergie, Sharing, Exchange only each other Sane members, they select members from the Forum of Davos, too (forbidden entry for dictators, crooks billionnaires).
Yoctocosmos is :
- the full complete about professional tools (free for the members of base) where we find on Viadeo, Xing etcc... (who are not free and so expensive for what they are)
- the most secure network in the world because it works like a system security bank (WPN, WPA not used). Username and password is not enough, the system avoid to be stolen about them or to usurp identity, to create fakes profiles, to use the friend's profile...
- purely authentics members
- Exceptional Esthetic design

How to join Welcom/Weforum?

Welcom/Weforum, outside of members not on the forum of Davos, propose 2 way of entry
- On Approbation of your Embassy to assist at the Forum of Davos
- If you find 2 sponsors and annual cotisation around 11000 euros, (The first year is around 28.000 euros)

How to join Yoctocosmos?

At first, it is impossible to join Yoctocosmos like that, because no possible to register on line, and members have no accreditations to invite. Yoctocosmos send them the link access to the members selected and chosen, the username and password who have the free choice to valid or decline. For others not selected and chosen, 7 sponsors and blackboulle system mandated are required and necessary to have the rights of entries.

But so many Exclusive socio-Professional Networks, no?

All pretended VIP Exclusive network (aS Inner Circle, Exclusive Royal High Society, all Total Prestige networks, Billionnaire Elite, Napoleon Exchange, The Circle of Beautiful People, The VIP Club Lounge Resort, The Black Card Circle, (often started on ning network), Senatus, Select Society, VIPs UAE, aSmallworld etc.. and many fake luxury networks have not personalities they pretend to have, be sure at 100%. It is a decoy, check yourself.

Why good success for these networks?

To attract the most possible people with following words like : VIP, Royal, Imperial, Aristocracy, Nobility, Exclusive Lounge/Circle/Club, Elite, Billionnaire, Dubaï, Jet-Set etc.... Very easy to seem and have success. So the result : Wind Luxury Fake VIP networks

Several networks are viable or not?

Several Exclusive Luxury networks are enough viable like Decayenne, Quintessentially, Button Club....
But if it is a real Vips network you wish to search, unfortunately it's not on these platforms. May redirect to, OutorIn, CarbonNYC, you may find several Celibrities' young sons/daughters.

Who are members on Welcom/Weforum and Yoctocosmos?

Unfortunately, the reals personalities are only on Welcom/Weforum and Yoctocosmos who work on a similar system to compose their networks.

- A lot of are Billionnaires Economists Leaders but you find personalities like Politicians Heads of States, several (rare) from the Show-biz, several rare freelancers too, Active Reigning Royal/Imperial Monachs and Sovereigns are on Welcom/Weforum.
- The same for Yoctocosmos but composed essentially of selected members from the Forum of Davos and anywhere else (including Cinema's world) to balance.

Are they all authentics?

If you are invited one day to join Welcom/Weforum/Yoctocosmos? Ask yourself the question : Are you a fake or authentic profile under the name they suscribed you, (because you can't change the name of the profile they subscribed on their database anyway).

Who manage Welcom/Weforum/and Yoctocosmos?

Welcom/Weforum is Pr. Klaus Schwab
Yoctocosmos stay anonym for the moment but they are 3 Leaders + an international core team + 364 admins/officers in the world.